Rebounder for hurling – football – soccer practice


As an experienced coach and a fabricator by trade, Paul Griffin is able to bring his skills to bear in the development of a rebounder suitable for all skills.

This durable, flexible and Irish made product is compatible for a range of sports on all surfaces. Th galvanised frame will not rust and is easily adjustable.

The rebounder allows the development of a range of skills, including improved hand eye co-ordination, quicker decision making and increased flexibility and movement.

The rebounder works better than a ball wall and aids to develop skills quicker. If you haven’t got a rebounder yet, view the videos to see the full range of benefits.





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Rebounder Benefits

Improved Hand and Eye Co-Ordination
The variation in the net allows the ball to travel back at different heights making it unpredictable and ultimately improving hand eye co-ordination.
Increased Flexibility and Movement
By using the lower angles, the ball comes back high in different directions instantly improving the players movement and by using the back of the net it will aid in the improvement of flexibility.
Angle Re-adjustment
Adjusting the frame to different angles allows the player to improve a variety of skills.
Aids to Develop Skills
By using the different angles, it improves first touch, ball control, catching, hand eye co-ordination and flexibility.
Improved Reflexes
By hitting the ball hard at different angles, it increases reactions and reflexes.
Suitable for Multi-Purpose Use
The rebounder can be used in a range of sports- hurling, football and soccer. The rebounder has many uses and it can be used on an individual, club or school level for all ages. It is easy to move and can be used on grass, astro-turf, concrete or tarmac and indoors in a gym.
Works Better Than Ball Wall
Due to the variation in the net allowing the ball to come back in unpredictable directions compared to the ball wall returning the ball in a repetitive manner which creates more movement compared to using a ball wall.

Product Details

Irish Made
A product made in Loughrea, Co. Galway which supports Irish jobs and businesses.
Durable and Hard Wearing
By using materials of a high quality and having a galvanised frame it makes the rebounder durable.
Made for All Types of Weather
As the frame is fully galvanised it is suitable for all weather conditions – hail, rain or snow (basically the Irish climate!)
Suitable for a Range of Sports
Suitable for a range of sports – hurling, camogie, football and soccer.
Compatible with All Surfaces
The rebounder is designed so it can be used on a variety of surfaces- tarmac, concrete, astro- turf, grass and even indoors in gyms.
Free Standing & Adjustable Angles
There is no need for ground pegs as the legs are secure. The rebounder is easy to move but also angles can be easily adjusted.
Galvanised Frame - Will Not Rust
The rebounder will not rust making it the perfect coaching tool in this Irish climate.